The Golden Age, by James Robinson

James Robinson originated from Manchester, England. Like his character, Jack Knight, he was an avid collector of old collectables and memorabilia. He started reading comics at the age of four though by his own admission, gave up when he discovered girls. He is one of comicdom's most respected writers for his penchant for writing superhero comics with stories that are more character-centered than usual. He has worked on numerous titles, such as 'Golden Age', 'Batman: Legends Of The Dark Knight', 'Cable', and 'WildC.A.T.s' among others. As evident from his writing in 'Golden Age' and 'Starman', he has a great love and respect for DC Comics history. Currently, apart from writing 'Starman', he also wrote 'Leave It To Chance' (drawn by Paul Smith), which was published by Homage/DC Comics. He also recently finished a short run on 'Justice Society of America'.

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