Etta Kett, by Paul Robinson
'Etta Kett'. Danish-language version. 

Paul Dowling Robinson, a farmer's son from Kenton, Ohio, started his career with the Bray animation studios in New York in 1919. He then turned to cartooning and took over the 'Samson and Delia' strip from Tim Early and H.C. Witwer for a short while in 1924. In December 1925, he created his 'Etta Kett' newspaper strip. This strip, about a young girl in her teenage years, was originally distributed by Editors Feature Service and then by King Features Syndicate.

Etta Kett, by Paul Robinson
'Etta Kett'. Dutch-language version.

'Etta Kett' started as a series of humorous illustrations about teenage etiquette, but it was soon turned into a daily comic strip and Sunday page. It ran until Robinson's death in 1974. Besides 'Etta Kett', Paul D. Robinson drew 'The Love-Byrds', a series about the agitated love life of Peggy and Horace Byrd, that started as the topper for the 'Etta Kett' Sunday page in 1932.

Robinson's 'Just Among Us Girls' appeared as a panel cartoon beginning in August 1927. His tenure on the cartoon ended in April 1935, when he was replaced by Ruth Carroll.

The Love Byrds, by Paul Robinson
'The Love-Byrds'.

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