Babe by Boody Rogers

Boody Rogers, who studied at the Chicago Academy of Fine Arts and the Chicago Art Institute, was one of the main contributors to the first American comic book, 'The Funnies', that started in 1936. Rogers had been active since the 1920s, working mainly on syndicated comics, and drawing gag cartoons for magazines like Life, Judge, Colliers and the Saturday Evening Post.

Hillbilly Babe, by Boody Rogers 1949
'Hillbilly Babe'. 

Rogers assisted Zack Mosley on 'Smilin' Jack', and worked on other syndicated features like 'Deadwood Gulch' and 'Possum Holler' throughout the 1930s. In 1940 he created his own 'Sparky Watts' feature for the Frank Jay Markey Syndicate. By 1942, Rogers killed of his character and enlisted in the Army, expecting not to return from the War.

However, Rogers returned to the States and so did 'Sparky Watts', this time in the Big Shot Comics comic book by Columbia Publishers. For Feature Comics, he worked on features like the hillbilly girl 'Babe', as well as 'Dudley' and 'Leroy'. Boody Rogers retired from comics in 1952 and opened two art supply shops in Arizona.

Dudley, by Boody Rogers 1950

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