James Bond, by Abel Romero

Abel Romero is one of Chile's most prolific comic artists, who has worked in the field since the 1950s. He studied at the School of Arts at the University of Chile between 1945 and 1947. Shortly afterwards, he went to work for the Propagandas Cañas agency, where he did promotional art for North American movie companies.

By 1952, he joined the Editorial Zig Zag to do cover illustrations for Don Fausto. He soon contributed to many of the company's other magazines, such as Jungla ('Mawa', 'Mizomba, El Intocable') and Far West ('Ray Hunter'). In the mid-1950s, he drew the newspaper strips 'Desfiladeros' and 'Gastón Neira' for El Mercurio. Romero also continued to do advertising work, as well as cover illustrations for Cascabel.

comic art by Abel Romero

Romero made sports comics for Barrabases, and covers for La Pandilla. He was one of the main cover and interior artists for the 007 James Bond comic. He drew some stories with 'Spin & Marty' for the Disney publications Zorro and Aventuras de Walt Disney. Romero was the creator of the 'Eos Errante' series in the SF magazine Infinito. He was head of the comic strip department of the Editorial Quimantú (the former Zig Zag) around 1970.

cover by Abel Romerocover by Abel Romero

When the military regime came in 1973, Romero focused on his advertising assignments, and travelled through Peru and Europe. He eventually settled in Sweden in 1978, and stayed there until 1993. During his stay in Sweden, he drew for Semic, contributing among others to Tumac and Fantomen. He also drew a hockey strip for Búster, called 'Kom igen, Stefan!', and some erotic, police and adventure strips like 'Bajo el Triángulo de las Bermudas', as well as humorous work which he signed with Oremor. In 1984, he founded the advertising agency Serit Ltda. with his son Marcelo. Back in Chile in 1993, he teamed up with his former colleague Mario Igor to do some erotic comics.

Des Filaderos, by Abel Romero

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