Nick en Simon by Rafa Ruiz
'Nick en Simon' (Tina #46, 2010).

Rafa Ruiz is a visual artist and illustrator from Palma de Mallorca, Spain. Active since 1987, he has work published by Dolmen Editorial and La Cúpula. He has worked in advertising through Plma Pictures, the cinema field through Leitmotiv and in video games through Pyro Studios. Through Studio Comicup in Barcelona, he was one of the artists of the comic about Dutch singers 'Nick en Simon', published in girl's magazine Tina from 2010 to 2013. In the following year, he was assigned to draw the Tina comic 'Emme's Dierenwereld', written by Lucienne van Ek. Ruiz has also drawn comics with 'The Phantom' for Egmont in Scandinavia since 2015.

Nick en Simon by Rafa Ruiz
'Nick en Simon' (2012).

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