Superman, by Bruce Timm

Bruce Timm is a successful comic artist, famous for his work on 'Batman/Superman Adventures' and 'Batman Beyond'. He started his career in animation at Filmation at age 20, working on the lay-out of series 'Blackstar', 'Flash Gordon' and 'The Lone Ranger'. After doing animation work on Don Bluth's feature film 'The Secret of the N.I.M.H.' (1982), he started working on Marvel's 'G.I. Joe' and Filmation's 'He-Man and the Masters of the Universe' series. For 'He-Man' he did background and layout work for the animated series, as well as pencilling the mini-comic series. He also worked on animated projects of 'Batman' and 'Superman', when he was noticed by both DC and Marvel. Since, Timm has worked on such comics projects as 'Batman Beyond', 'The Avengers', 'Vampirella' and a dark romance story for the horror anthology Flinch. 

Timm was also active for Ralph Bakshi's studio and John Kricfalusi's animation studio Spumco, working on 'Ren & Stimpy'. Together with Paul Dini, he created the animated TV show 'Freakazoid' (1995-1997).

Bruce Timm was an influence on Dan Mora and Fernando Sosa

Black Panther, by Bruce Timm
'Batman' and 'Black Panther'. 

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