Batman: Dark Victory, by Tim Sale

Tim Sale made his debut in 'Thieves' World' in 1985, but had his professional breakthrough as the inker of 'Myth Adventures' at Warp Graphics. He has drawn for such titles as DC's 'Challengers of the Unknown', Wildstorm's 'Deathblow' and Matt Wagner's 'Grendel' at Comico. He began a steady collaboration with writer Jeph Loeb, starting with three 'Legends of the Dark Knight' Halloween Specials ('Choices', 'Ghosts' and 'Madness'). They went on to do such mini-series as 'Batman: The Long Halloween' (1996-1997), 'Superman: For All Seasons' (1998), 'Batman: Dark Victory' (1999-2000), 'Daredevil: Yellow' (2001), 'Spider-Man: Blue' (2002) and 'Hulk: Gray' (2003). He also had a run on 'Superman Confidential' with writer Darwyn Cooke.

Spider-Man: Blue, by Tim Sale

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