comic art by Amitai Sandy

Amitai Sandy started his career in comics when he was eighteen years old, co-publishing the Israeli alternative comix magazine Penguins' Perversions. The magazine ran quarterly for 4 years, and most of Israel's important comix creators contributed to it, enjoying the freedom of expression they rarely get in the establishment and commercial press. Amitai Sandy studied at the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design in Jerusalem, and won an award for outstanding achievements in illustration for his final project. He is a member of the Dimona comix group, which publishes collective anthologies, participates in European comic festivals and is featured in several exhibitions.

comic art by Amitai Sandy

Together with illustrator and designer Uri Ashi he has founded Ashisandy studios in 2004, and together they illustrate and design books, some of which became Israeli best-sellers. One of Ashisandy's latest project is a new translation of the classic children's book, 'Adventures of Pinocchio', which Uri Illustrated and Amitai designed for Carmel publishing house in Jerusalem. He also founded comics magazine Stiyot shel pinguinim with Eyal B.

Amitai also dabbles in gig-posters, flyers and e-flyers design for dance clubs and music events. Some of his work appeared in art book collections of gig-posters art, including the prestigious 'Art of Rock' book, published by Chronicle Books.

Dimona, by Amitai Sandy

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