They'll Do It Everytime, by Al Scaduto

Al Scaduto was born in the Bronx in New York in July 1928. He joined the comic art department of King Features after being an award-winning student at the School of Industrial Art. Soon, cartoonist Bob Dunn asked him to assist him on Jimmy Hatlo's 'They'll Do It Every Time' comic. Scaduto assisted Dunn on comic books featuring the Little Iodine character from the strip for fourteen years. When Jimmy Hatlo died in 1963, Dunn took on the daily as well as the Sunday 'They'll Do It Every Time' strip with Scaduto as his assistant. When Bob Dunn died in 1989, Scaduto continued on his own. After working for King Features for 60 years, Al Scaduto died on 8 December 2007, a few months after his 79th birthday.

They'll Do It Every Time, by Al Scaduto

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