'Tien Jaar Treurig'. 

Marc Scherbateyev is a Dutch comic artist, painter and designer from Rotterdam. Much of his work is of an erotic nature, such as his 'Nudiske' cartoons, while other works are more personal testimonials, like his illustrated book of poems 'Tien Jaar Treurig' (2016).

Life and career
Marc Scherbateyev was born in 1969 in Rotterdam, and has been drawing since his early childhood. He studied Illustration at the Utrecht School of Arts, has since then lived and worked in Paris, and nowadays resides in Delft.  In 1989, during the 'Rotterdam Strip' comic festival in Rotterdam, he was elected as one of the twenty best Rotterdam-based comic artists. His artwork has appeared in magazines like Panorama, Myx, Playhouse Comix and the UK magazine Jade, and he has exhibited his graphic work in both the Netherlands and France from 1995 onwards. Scherbateyev has additionally worked as a fire-spitting and juggling clown at Circus Royal. He had his own tattoo shop in a converted city bus called Travelling Tattoos from 2013 to 2016.

'Ecclectisme' and 'Tien Jaar Treurig'. 

For Penthouse Comix, Scherbateyev made erotic serials like 'Wereld Zonder Eind' (2006) and 'Vuur' (2006). The artist spent many years doodling, drawing nude models (including an occasional ex-girlfriend) and working on unfinished stories. Much of this early work was eventually collected in his first book 'Ecclectisme' (Boekscout, 2016). He chronicled his ten-years experience in an unhappy relationship in his book 'Tien Jaar Treurig' (Boekscout, 2017). Of a more playful nature are his naughty cartoons with 'Nudiske', the more liberal "sister" of Willy Vandersteen's Wiske. These are collected in the 'Nudiske' book series launched by Peter Bonte in 2017. For his graphic novel 'Uh?' (Bonte, 2018), he interviewed his female friends about their drives and fantasies, which he combined into one story.


Strips! Museum trial
Scherbateyev and Robert van der Kroft were the driving forces behind the legal battle against the curator of the Strips! museum in Rotterdam. This comic-themed museum opened on 3 September 2016, but was already declared bankrupt on 27 July 2017. The curator allowed comic artists to retrieve their loaned artworks against a fine of 75 euros. These demands caused a stir among the artists involved, and resulted in wide media coverage with  Scherbateyev and Van der Kroft as the most prominent spokespersons. This included an appearance on the satirical TV show 'Kanniewaarzijn' together with Maaike Hartjes, Wilbert van der Steen and Margreet de Heer. Although a judge initially ruled against the plaintiffs, it was announced in October 2018 that the artists would have their work returned without costs.


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