'Zef Bef' opening episode (De Waarheid, 8 March 1988).

Schietvereniging Okido was the joint pen name of two comic creators, responsible for the absurd comic serial about 'Zef Bef' (1988) in the Dutch communist newspaper De Waarheid.

Zef Bef
The comic, 'Zef Bef', ran between 8 March and 11 July 1988 in 82 weekday episodes under the title 'De Meemaaksels Rondom Zef Bef & zijn Apatische Trawanten', rougly translated as: "The Experiences Around Zef Bef & his Apathetic Cohorts". Main hero Zef Bef is introduced as "your proletarian folk hero", a beer-binging nobody who married his cousin out of necessity. In the opening episodes, he enters a bar and meets Marc Sleen's Nero and Willy Vandersteen's Lambik, two Flemish comic heroes who introduce Zef to the virtues of being a comic character. The following episodes are a succession of absurd events starring the antisocial Zef and his family members, as well as their neighbors, the hysterical Stien Wasmasjien and her indifferent husband.

'Zef Bef' strip published in De Waarheid on 3 June 1988.

Schietvereniging Okido
Throughout the strip's run, it is credited to "Schietvereniging Okido" ("Shooting Club Okido") or "De Schietvereniging" ("The Shooting Club"), which adds to the nonsensical nature of the 'Zef Bef' comic strip. In the introductionary interview, printed in De Waarheid on 7 March 1988, some hints are given to the background of the two creators. They both grew up during the 1960s/1970s in the Dutch southern province Limburg. According to the 1988 interview, the strip is set "about twenty years earlier, during the childhood of the Shooting Club". Many of their comic's characters were based on outsiders and antisocial people they knew during that period. While making the strip, they talked in Limburg dialect, explaining its weird mix of proper Dutch combined with Limburg and Flemish slang.

Graphically and humor-wise, 'Zef Bef' reminds of the Belgian 'Urbanus' comics by Willy Linthout and Urbanus. In the interview, the Shooting Club mentioned they were mainly inspired by Hergé's Clear Line style. No further whereabouts of the two Okido members are known, at least not under their joint alias.

Final panel: the end of Zef Bef (De Waarheid, 12 July 1988).

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