Runaway Brain by Ulrich Schröder
Runaway Brain (Journal de Mickey #2296, 10/6/1996)

Born in Aachen, began his career as a commercial artist, doing among others 'Quicky', an advertising comic for Nesquick. He is a freelancer for Disney since 1989, and has done mainly merchandising artwork and covers for the Dutch Donald Duck weekly. For years, he was the art supervisor for Disney in Paris, where he coordinated the artwork for merchandising and promotional materials.

Donald Duck cover by Ulrich SchröderDonald Duck cover by Ulrich Schröder
covers for Donald Duck #33, 2004 and #33, 2005

He did illustrations and covers for German Disney comic books, as well as an occasional comic for Le Journal de Mickey, including the adaptation of the Mickey short 'Runaway Brain'. He has worked with Daan Jippes on the 'Donald Duck' newspaper strip in the 1980s and on a series of 'Goofy' gags for Egmont in Denmark. In addition, Schröder has illustrated several Disney children's books, including one with 'Pedro the Plane'.

Donald Duck cover sketches by Ulrich Schröder
sketches for the cover of Donald Duck #37, 2002


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