Jughead by Samm Schwartz

Samm Schwartz studied at a variety of art institutes. At one of these institutes he met fellow artist Joe Edwards, who introduced him to MLJ Publication. His early work for this publisher includes superhero comics, like 'Black Jack'. He switched to humor in the late 1950s. Samm Schwartz was a long-time artist for 'Archie' comics, originally created by Bob Montana and also drawn by Dan DeCarlo. His work already appeared in the first 'Archie' comic in 1942, and he continued drawing the strip most of his career. He also became the main artist of the spin-off 'Jughead' strip, a character with which he became identified with. In 1953, he launched the title 'Archie's Jokebook' which he both wrote and drew. In the mid-1960s, Schwartz became an editor at Tower Publications, where he oversaw such titles as 'Tippy Teen' and 'Thunder Agents'. Schwartz returned to 'Archie' in the 1970s, where he continued to work for the company until his death. He died of cancer on 13 December 1997.

Jughead, by Samm Schwartz

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