Nancy, by Jerry Scott

Jerry Scott is a California-based cartoonist, known as the co-creator and writer of 'Zits' and 'Baby Blues'. He was born in South Bend, Indiana and started cartooning professionally in the mid-1970s by submitting gag cartoons to magazines. He sold one from his first batch to the Saturday Evening Post. In 1983, he succeeded Mark Lasky on the 'Nancy' comic strip and wrote and drew his modernized version of the strip, that was originally created by Ernie Bushmiller, for twelve years. In 1988, he got together with long-time friend Rick Kirkman and started kicking around ideas for a new strip.

The result was 'Baby Blues', which was first released by Creators Syndicate on 7 January 1990. King Features Syndicate now distributes the daily strip to 700 newspapers in 25 countries and fourteen languages. Scott additionally created 'Zits', about sixteen year old Jeremy Duncan, in collaboration with cartoonist Jim Borgman. 'Zits' debuted in July 1997 in more than 200 newspapers - one of the strongest strip introductions in years. King Features now distributes 'Zits' to about 1500 newspapers worldwide.

Zits, by Jerry Scott

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