Minnie Mouse, by Javier Secaduras
'Minnie Mouse'. German-language version. 

Javier Secaduras has worked in comics, as well as in animation. He did several art studies, attending the School of Art Masseira in Barcelona, the Vancouver Film School and at the School of art in Tarragona. Through the Comicup studios in Barcelona, he has drawn 'Ellsworth' and 'Minnie Mouse' stories for the French Disney productions, and stories for Disney magazines in Germany and The Netherlands between 1993 and 1995. He also worked for the Scandinavian Moomin magazine. He then moved to Los Angeles and focused on animation. He has cooperated with many studios and companies, including Estudio Mariscal, Langley Productions and Nickelodeon.

Moomin by Javier Secaduras


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