Eratos by Ben Seys
Eratos (P@per #16, 2011)

Ben Seys is a Belgian graphic designer and illustrator. He studied animation at the RITS School of Art in Brussels, and has worked on several TV and film productions since. In his spare time, he makes illustrations for newspapers and educational books. He is also the creator of comic strips like 'Wieger', 'Dino, the Saurus', 'Eratos' (with Sascha van Laeken) and 'Eddy & Caddy', the latter being his monthly comic for Play Golf. In 2011 he paid graphic homage to <a href="/artists/p/pom.htm">Pom</a> in the collective tribute album 'Op Het Spoor van Pom' (2011).

Eddy & Caddy by Ben Seys
Golf (P@per #1)

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