Travelling square district by Greg Shaw
'Travelling Square District'.

Greg Shaw was born in Ghent, Belgium, and educated at the Academy of Fine Arts in Brussels. He likes to create unusual stories that explore the boundaries of the medium, such as his 2005 debut, the abstract 'Parcours Pictural', and his 2010 book with Éditions Sarbacane, 'Travelling Square district'. He has also contributed to literary comic publications like Stupre (Warum, Paris) and Eisner (Podium, Amsterdam).

In 2022 Pascal Lefèvre wrote the script for an educational comic about Flemish-Dutch comic pioneer George Van Raemdonck, titled 'Gepeld Eike en Rode Tomat. De Ingebeelde Brainstorm voor Bulletje en Boonestaak'. The French version was titled 'Tomate Rouge et Crâne d'Oeuf'. The artwork was originally provided by Lefèvre himself, but Shaw wasn't satisfied with the results and therefore copied his drawings, working them out in his own graphic style. Lefèvre and Shaw's story was printed in Zandstraal/Le Dessableur, the bilingual magazine of the Belgian Comic Center in Brussels. For his research, Lefèvre visited the A.M. de Jong museum in the Dutch town Nieuw-Vossemeer, dedicated to 'Bulletje en Boonestaak' scriptwriter A.M. de Jong. He came up with goofy characters based on Bulletje en Boonestaak, named Gepeld Eike (literally "Peeled Egg") and "Rode Tomat" (literally "Red Tomato"). 'Gepeld Eike' was a nickname for Van Raemdonck. The tomato refers to the symbol of the Dutch Socialist Party at the time, in whose party magazine 'Bulletje en Boonestaak' was published at the time. 

Greg Shaw should not be confused with U.S. magazine editor and music historian Greg Shaw (1949-2004). 

Parcours Pictorial by Greg Shaw
'Parcours Pictural'.

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