Tigres Volants Contre Zeros, by Romain Slocombe (1985)

Romain Slocombe is a French cartoonist, photographer, painter and filmmaker who is well-known in Tokyo and France as the "Medical Artist." He takes pictures and makes paintings of young Japanese women wearing cervical collars, bandages, slings, eye patches and casts. As a comic artist, he was a regular contributor to Métal Hurlant and he has published books like 'Prisoner Of The Red Army' (Humanoïdes Associés, 1978), 'YeunKo l'Infirmière Héroique' (Futuropolis, 1984), 'Tokyo Girl' (Magic Strip, 1985), 'Cauchemars Climatisés', 1987), 'Femmes Fatales' (Comixland, 1988), 'Le Détective du Palace Hôtel' (Syros, 1988), 'Tigres Volans Contre Zéros' (Albin Michel, 1989), 'Cité des Anges' (Albin Michel, 1989) and 'Drôle de Dragon à Tokyo' (Syros, 1992).

Tokyo Girl, by Romain Slocombe

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