From Inter Faces, by Hector Sonon

Damien Hector Sonon, born in Cotonou in the West African country of Benin, is a passionate designer, photographer and cartoonist. Since 1988, he has drawn caricatures for the free press of Benin. He works in several comic studios, and created the story of 'Adéfèmi', written by Florent Couao-Zotti, for the magazine Inter Faces. He also contributed to 'A L'Ombre du Baobab', a collection of comics by African artists about African education and health, for which he wrote the story 'Alima'. Other titles by Sonon are 'Zinsou e Sagbo' (1988), 'Inceste, Sang e Larmes' (1991), 'Papa Ziboté' (1993) and 'Les Couleurs de la Mémoire' (between 1996 and 2000 in magazine Interfaces).

Alima, by Hector Sonon

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