James Hond by Klaas van der Spoel

Klaas van der Spoel is a Dutch writer and illustrator. He made three stories of his newspaper comic called 'James Hond' for several Dutch regional papers. His comic strip 'Kommer en Kwel' ran in the papers published by the Persunie group in the early 1980s, and he then focused on cartooning. He also made 'Westward Ho' in the US magazine Cartoonnews, 'Polo Mars' in Zien and SW Journaal, and educational strips for Wolters Noordhoff. He is nowadays a writer of books.

James Hond by Klaas van der Spoel

Throughout his career, Van der Spoel mas made many other comic strips, that were syndicated to publications from the Netherlands and abroad. These include 'Jemmy' (Canada), 'Lum Hood' (Canada), 'Robin Hoodlum' (Canada), 'Dr. Ugs' (Canada), 'Elvis' (Canada), 'Raven' (USA), 'Baiter The waiter' (Canada), 'Mac Abre' (Canada), 'Dr. Ollig' (Germany), 'Ede' (Germany), 'Scotty' (Germany), 'Klein Erna' (Germany), 'Ober Zahn' (Germany), 'Zirkus Puddingknie' (Germany), 'Mange Frei' (Germany), 'Specs' (Canada), 'Vieroog' (Dutch), 'Bril Jantje' (Dutch), 'Koontje' (Dutch), 'Fantomask' (Dutch), 'Crimi Nelis' (Dutch), 'Nickel' (Dutch), 'Smoky' (Dutch), 'Dick Dick' (Canada) and 'Percy Flage' (Canada).

Kommer en Kwel by Klaas van der Spoel

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