Poznele lui Rica by Marga Stefanescu

Marga Ștefănescu was born in 1913 as the daughter of magistrate, writer and painter Eugeniu Ştefănescu-Est (1881-1980). She inherited her father's passion for art, and became an illustrator and comic book artist for children. She attended the Bucharest Faculty of Fine Arts from 1936 and 1940 and had an internship with the paramilitary youth organization Straja Ţării.

In the following years, she made illustrations for magazines like Păcală, Nastratin and Mariana, and over 100 books. Her popular children's comic series 'Poznele lui Rică' ran in Ziarul Copiilor between 1941 and 1948. Her activities came to and end in 1948, when the nationalization forbid the publications she drew for. She moved to Galaţi, where she became a teacher in French language. Marga Ștefănescu turned 100 in March 2013.

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