Danny's Dagboek

Danny Steggerda is a Dutch artist from The Hague, who is educated at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts. He ranks among his main influences the Dutch comics diary artists Maaike Hartjes and Barbara Stok, and the French social-satirical cartoonist Claire Bretécher. The son of a painter, he makes etchings, oil and watercolor paintings, comics and cartoons. He regularly publishes his work in magazines for people with a sensitivity for psychoses, and is the house artist of the Stichting Anton Constandse, a foundation that helps people with severe mental illness.

A collection of his comics diary was published in the graphic novel 'Danny's Dagboek 2006-2010' (Tobi Vroegh, 2016). Steggerda's diary gives an intimate and open hearted look in the artist's struggles with schizophrenia and depression, full of self-mockery, dark humor and optimism.

Danny Steggerda


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