Jiraiya the Ninja Boy, by Shigeru Sugiura

Shigeru Sugiura studied painting. He held a few expositions before he turned to creating manga comics for commercial reasons. After learning the finer points of the profession from Suihô Tagawa, he made his debut in Shônen Karabu in 1933. His naive, poetic and awkward style kept him from success until the beginning of the 1950s. Suddenly very productive, he multiplied his work for children's comics in several genres, of which famous works are the series 'Godzilla' and his comic adaptation of 'The Last of the Mohicans'. In 1953, he created his most famous character: the idiotic secret agent 'Sarutobi Sasuka'. Sugiura work contains both traditional Japanese and modern American influences. In the 1980s his work was introduced to an international audience by appearing in Raw.

comic art by Shigeru Sugiura

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