from L'Association, by Tanitoc (2006)

Tanitoc studied Fine Arts and Comics. He settled in Scotland, where he cooperated on the alternative comics magazine Parade, together with Marc Baines, Craig Conlan, Lorna Miller and Chris Watson. He did among others an adaptation of a Tom Waits song and a Kafka story.

Goin' Out West, by Tanitoc

He went back to France in 1998 to live in a small village on the Loire river with his wife and three children. He published a story in Lapin in 1997, took part in the Comix 2000 Anthology and to an OuBaPo book. He did some stories for Ego comme X, Moga Mobo (Germany), Spoutnik (Québec), among others. Since then, he had a book published by Les Humanoides Associés: 'Amstergow en 8 Jours' (collection Tohu Bohu), a "film noir" like tribute to Amsterdam and Glasgow, and another book published by Rackham: 'Qui vivra Verra', a war-and-gastronomy tale set in the Crimea.

He is a founder-member of the International Bande Dessinée Society (created in 1999) and lectures and runs workshops on his favorite subject, "Bande Dessinée as a valid art form," in France and abroad.

Goin' Out West, by Tanitoc

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