Mystery Men, by Richard Taylor
'The Mystery Men' (5 September 1924).

Richard "Dick" Taylor was a famous illustrator for magazines like The New Yorker, Collier's and The Saturday Evening Post since the 1930s. Born in 1902 in Fort William, Ontario, he began his career as a cartoonist and comic strip artist in 1920s Toronto. In 1924 he got a job at the Evening Telegram, and created his comic strip 'The Mystery Men', which he signed with Dick. The strip ran for only a couple of months, after which Taylor became a commercial artist in Toronto.

In 1927 he joined the staff of The Goblin as art director. When this magazine folded as a result of the Depression, Taylor contributed to several left-wing publications, including Masses magazine and The Worker (creating the weekly strip 'Dad Plugg'). By 1935 he was hired by Simon & Shuster in New York to work for The New Yorker. He settled in the US in the following year. Some of his gags were written by Lee Lorenz. In March 1970 Taylor passed away in Bethel, Connecticut. 

Richard Taylor was a strong influence on Alex Gregory.

Mystery Men, by Richard Taylor
'The Mystery Men' (27 July 1924).

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