Pandas dans la brume by Tignous
'Pandas dans la Brume' (Drugstore, 2010). Translation: "In nature, to be happy, the panda lives alone! To be happy, the panda is satisfied with 30 cubic kilometres of territory. The panda is very happy to live in China." 

Bernard Verlhac was a French caricaturist and press artist, who used the pen name Tignous. He has published his comics and cartoons in several magazines and papers since 1980. His first topical cartoons were published in L'Idiot International in 1990. He was a contributor to Charlie Hebdo, La Grosse Bertha, Marianne, Fluide Glacial, L'Express, VSD, Télérama and L'Humanité. Tignous was also active as also illustrator for roleplaying games. His work has been collected in several book publications since 1991. Most of his books were published by 12bis since 2008, including 'Le Procès Colonna', 'Le Fric c'est capital' and 'Cinq ans sous Sarkozy'.

Tignous was one of the cartoonists killed during the terrorist gun attack on the editorial offices of Charlie Hebdo in Paris on 7 January 2015. Other casualties were the cartoonists Charb, Wolinski and Cabu.

Tignous was a strong influence on Marec.

Charlie Hebdo
Cover illustration for Charlie Hebdo issue #955 (6 October 2010). 

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