Comic art by Jukka Tilsan

Jukka Tilsa started his career in the early 1980s by publishing a comic book called 'Zärpä', that has been an inspiration for Finnish comic absurdists since. Tilsa however left the comics field and turned to farming for a decade. He was back in the 1990s and since then he has published over 10 books, starting with 'Zärmikkäimmät' in 1994.

Further titles include 'Potaattien yö' (1997), 'Päin heiniä' (1999), 'Poutaa Japanissa' (2001), 'Ketsuppi on punaista, Supermauno' (2003), 'Zoppaa ja zärvintä' (2004), 'Ilma-autolla Kaliforniaan' (2005), 'Neron-leimauxia' (2006) and 'Tupelon tuplaseriffi' (2008). He is specialized in creating short, naive, and linguistically experimental stories. With writer Pauli Kallio, he created the newspaper strip 'Sekametsä' ('Mixed Forest'), that started in the Helsingin Sanomat Sunday edition in July 2004.

Mixed Forest by Jukka Tilsa

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