'Harley Quinn' #20 (2015).

John Timms is a Costa Rican animator and comic book artist, best known for his work on DC's 'Harley Quinn' in the USA.

Early life and education
Born in 1970 in San José, John Timms Moreira grew up with a fondness for comics and cartoons. After graduating from the Liceo de Costa Rica in 1986 he began his studies in graphic design at the University of Costa Rica. He dropped out after being offered a job at the graphics department of the Costa Rican airlines. A meeting with the Peruvian animator Félix Nakamura changed his career path. Nakamura invited him to work and study with him at the Andes University in Venezuela in 1990.

Animation career
The unstable political situation there forced Timms to return to his home country in 1992. He formed an animation studio with Carlos Zegarra, then set up his own AnimEstudio in 1996, before founding Martestudio with Cristian Glenewinkel, Hans Castro and Oliver Zúñiga. The team dedicated itself to the post-production of audiovisuals for the publishing and animation industries. Timms animates in both 2D and 3D, and also performs special effects. He has worked on campaigns for Coca Cola's Powerade sports drink, crisps brand Tosty (starring the mascot Chesky) and Dos Pinos skimmed milk.

Inhumans - 'Attilan Rising' #3.

Marvel Comics
While continuing his animation work, Timms got the opportunity to return to his original passion in the early 2010s. While exhibiting some of his work at the Boomcom in San Jose in 2011, his work was noticed by American comic book editor and writer Jimmy Palmiotti, who introduced him to Marvel and DC Comics in the USA. His first work was pencilling a story with the mercenary antihero 'Deadpool' for Marvel Comics in 2014. Another job for Marvel Comics was a special with Marvel's 'Nova' (2014), which was part of the crossover storyline 'No End In Sight' with 'Uncanny X-Men' and 'Iron Man', written by Sean Ryan. He then drew the five-issue mini-series 'Inhumans - Attilan Rising' (2015) by Charles Soule, with inks by Roberto Poggi, starring the superhero team created originally by Jack Kirby and Stan Lee.

Harley Quinn
By 2014 Timms was getting regular assignments from DC Comics, becoming one of the main artists of 'Harley Quinn' (2014-2019), one of the supervillains from the 'Batman' franchise, more specifically The Joker's girlfriend. Timms worked on many issues of the character's 2014 series, which was written by Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti. Issues by Timms were alternated with issues drawn by Chad Hardin. Timms also provided the artwork for several specials, such as the 2014 'Harley Quinn Annual', 'Harley Quinn Valentine's Day Special' (2015), two volumes of 'Harley's Little Black Book' (2016), while also providing pencil art and inks to several issues in the new main series, which started in 2016. Timms has furthermore drawn issues of other Batman-related titles such as 'Batgirl' (#50, 2016), 'Catwoman' (#9, 2019) and 'Batman' (#68, 2019).

In March 2019 it was announced that John Timms would leave 'Harley Quinn' and work on DC's 'Young Justice' (2019) with artist Patrick Gleason instead. This title focuses on a teenage superhero group, originally created in 1998 by writer Todd DeZago and artists Todd Nauck and Lary Stucker, and is part of DC's new Wonder Comics imprint.

Together with Dan Mora and Franco Céspedes, Daniel Mora is one of the few Costa Rican artists who managed to get assignments from major US publishing houses. Since 2002, Timms is also a lecturer in visual communication at the University of Costa Rica in San José.

'Young Justice' #4, artwork by John Timms and Patrick Gleason.


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