Sylvia Tops is a Flemish comic artist, best known for her humorous adventure comic 'Team Lou' (2014). She debuted at the young age of 19, and was able to launch an actual comic series from scratch. A highly productive and imaginative artist, she made her hobby a full-time career.

Early life and career
Sylvia Tops was born in 1995 in Heultje, not far from Westerlo. Among her artistic influences are Walt Disney, Jef Nys, Merho, Peter de Smet, Luc Cromheecke and Steve Van Bael. As a teenager she often watched the children's TV series 'Elfenheuvel' on Ketnet, which inspired her to create her own fanfiction comic strip about the characters from this show. In 2010 she sent her work to Ketnet and it was shown by Niels DeStadsbader on TV. This motivated her to make a similar fantasy comic series.

Team Lou
In 2014 the 19-year old created 'Team Lou', a humorous adventure comic series about a group of friends who act as private investigators. Protagonist Kim is based on herself, Olivia on her mother and Alex and Boeh on her uncles. The team is named after their dog, Lou, which happens to be the name of Tops' own dog. She was 19 years old when the first album of 'Team Lou' was published by Peter Bonte. Surprisingly enough, Tops managed to keep her comic series running. As of 2019 she created and published over 19 albums in only five years time!

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