Jacques Gallard, by Jean-Louis Tripp
'Jacques Gallard'.

Born in Montauban, Jean-Louis Tripp's work first appeared in the magazine Métal Hurlant in 1977. One year later, his first album, 'Le Boeuf n'était pas Mode' was published by Transit. He then published several albums with Futuropolis ('Le Pari', 'Peau de Banane'), Alliance ('Légende du Dieu Stentor'), Milan ('Dinghys dinghys'), Casterman ('Le Violon et l'Archer') and Glénat. For the publisher Milan, Tripp started his series 'Jacques Gallard', that appeared between 1983 and 1989. The subject of traveling has played a big part in both his life and his stories. Supporter of the Clear Line, he adopted the style in such a way that he can be situated among the representatives of the genre.

Magasin General by Jean-Louis Tripp
'Magasin General', art by Régis Loisel & Tripp.

Between 1990 and 2002 Tripp was mainly active as a painter and sculptor. He returned to comics with two volumes of 'Nouveau Jean-Claude', an adaptation of storyboards for a film he made with Tronchet, published by Albin Michel. He moved to Quebec in 2003, where he succeeded Edmond Baudoin as professor in comics at the University of Quebec in Outaouais, Ottawa. He went to work at the atelier of Régis Loisel and created the comic book 'Paroles d'Anges' in 2004. He teamed up with Loisel to create 'Magasin General' in 2006, a poetic series set in a small town in 1940s Quebec. For this series, that is published by Casterman, the artists developed a joint style, with Loisel doing the pencil work, Tripp the finished art and François Lapierre the colors.

Le Nouveau Jacques by Jean-Louis Tripp
'Le Nouveau Jacques'.

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