Raymond Calbuth by Tronchet
'Raymond Calbuth Aime Le Cinema' (Yeti #6, 1991).

Having studied law and journalism, Didier Vasseur, better known as Didier Tronchet, began his career in comics small Métropoche magazine. He was the editor in chief of this magazine from 1983 to 1986 and drew he daily events of an average French couple in the series 'Raymond Calbuth'. This series was later moved to Pilote, and then Glénat publishers. His stories contain a personal style of humor with reflections on society and his contemporaries, sometimes cynical, sometimes hilarious.

Raymons Calbuth, by Didier Tronchet

For artist Dominique Gelli, he wrote the 'Raoul Fulurex' series, a parody of the typical adventure hero. His next two humorous albums were 'La Bite à Urbain' and 'Sacré Jésus!', that appeared at Delcourt. He also created the semi-realistic 'Les Damnés de la Terre', 'La France au Fond des Yeux in L'Écho des Savanes, and the 'Jean-Claude Tergal' series. His further scriptwriting credits include 'Bienvenue à Welcome Land' for Al Coutelis and 'Patacrèpe et Couillalère' for Gelli.

Hoeraland, by Tronchet

He also did more serious comics, such as 'Le Quartier Évanoui', scripted by Anne Sibran, and the romantic 'Toi et Moi'. For the Aire Libre collection of Dupuis, he created the 'Houppeland' comic, about a sinister political Christmas regime. In 2002, he adapted his 'Jean-Claude Tergal' series for theatre and cinema.

In 1983, he was one of many comic artists paying homage to the recently deceased Hergé in a special issue of (À Suivre), titled 'Adieu Hergé'. He paid tribute to Nikita Mandryka in the collective comic book 'Tronches de Concombre' (Dupuis, 1995). 

Jean-Claude tergal, by Tronchet

Les adventures de Toi et Moi, by Tronchet

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