The Grey Domino, by Terry Trowell

Terry Trowell was a prolific Australian comic artist, known for his work for Atlas Publications in the 1950s and 1960s. Born in Katanning in Western Australia as the son of a mining engineer, Trowell studied journalism from the University of Western Australia. He began his career as a journalist for the English newspaper the Straits Times in Malaya (where he had lived with his family as a youngster). He returned to his home country in 1940, shortly after Australia joined the war.

After being discharged from the Australian Army in 1946, Trowell went to England to study art. He then worked as a freelance artist in France until his return to Australia in 1948. He started out doing murals and illustration assignments in Perth and he became involved in the comic book industry through Atlas Publications in Melbourne in 1950. Trowell is best known for drawing long-running series like 'The Grey Domino', about a masked vigilante, and the cowboy comic 'The Ghost Rider', which he took over from J. Morath and Andrea Bresciani.

He returned to Perth in 1952 and started up his own commercial art studio, while continuing to draw for Atlas Publications, adding a third series to his credits, 'Rhino Beresford'. He joined Modern Magazines in Sydney in 1956, where he became ar director for Modern Motor and began new comic books like 'Jet Black - Racing Driver' (11 issues, 1958) and the one-shot 'Purple People Eater'. In the 1960s he began Trowell Purdon Advertising in Western Australia, and he also began working for the Australian Broadcasting Commission. He passed away from a war-related medical condition in October 1964.

The Purple People Eater, by Terry Trowell

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