'Henry Rubette', from Klam.

Lee James Turnock is a British comic artist who nicknames himself "Britain’s Least Known Underground Cartoonist". He mostly creates small-circulation comic magazines for adults with scatological comedy.

Early life
Lee James Turnock was born in 1974 in Northampton. His work is influenced by Robert Crumb, Roy Wilson, Kim Deitch and Leo Baxendale. His earliest work was published while the artist was still a kid. He drew for his school magazine and for a road safety magazine published by the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents. He was nearly twelve when he had a strip published in Crash magazine in 1986. While still at secondary school, he started self-publishing his own comics to sell in the school playground, including one issue of Imagine, five issues of Ug, and two issues of Yuck.

Klam cover by Lee James TurnockUp Yours Comix by Lee James Turnock

Comics career
He also published in the alternative comic magazine Poot (1985-1990), which had the tagline: "Probably Britain's silliest comic". Despite a low circulation the publication managed to attract several cartoonists, among them Jonathan Lemon, Anthony Smith and Neil Nixon. In 1993 and 1994 he published five issues of Klam, a comic based largely on the adult humor magazine Viz. Turnock drew most of the magazine's content, but Klam also contained contributions by Phil Neill and Adam Weller.

In later years, Turnock continued to publish one-shot comic books magazines through The Comix Company, such as 'Up Yours! Comix' (2014), 'Funbag Funnies' (2014) and 'Okay Grown-Ups' Comic' (2015). Turnock's work is often autobiographical and satirical, and regularly shows the artist's pessimistic world views in parodies or stream-of-consciousness-like rants. Turnock announced his retirement from comics altogether in 2015, citing failing eyesight, low sales and relentless online bullying as his main reasons. He deleted his personal blog around the same time.

From Okay Comix. The people caricatured in the fifth panel are Labour politicians Tony Blair and John Prescott. In the sixth panel we see The Spice Girls, in the seventh, comedy duo Vic & Bob. 

Lee James Turnock posts on the Twoheaded Thingies blog

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