Orhan Ural was a Turkish journalist and cartoonist, who goes down in history as one of the earliest identified Turkish comic artists after Cemal Nadir Güler. During the 1930s and 1940s he created several features based on Pazar Ola Hasan Bey (1880s-1922), a popular character from Istanbul street life, for the newspaper Son Posta.

Early life
Ural was born in 1913 in Istanbul as the son of İsmail Raif Bey, one of the caliphs of the Imperial Council of the Ottoman Empire. He got his passion for painting through Mahmut Kılıç, one of his teachers at the Mahmudiye School. He later attended the Istanbul Academy of Fine Arts, and worked as a teacher until the early 1930s.

Pazar Ola Hasan Bey
In 1930 Ural was recruited by the newly launched paper Son Posta to enlighten its pages with caricatures and cartoons. Ural also created the paper's comic strip, which ran under the title 'Son Posta'nın Resimli Hikâyesi' ("Son Posta's Illustrated Story"). The feature was based on the life of Pazar Ola Hasan Bey, a local oddball who used to hang around the Istanbul markets and wish the salesmen good fortune with the expression "Pazar Ola!". It quickly became a catchphrase in Istanbul street life. Some superstitious merchants even feared they'd have bad luck if they hadn't encountered Hasan Bey (real name Mehmet Hasan) that day. The man became a cult character who inspired several period plays and books, written by noted Turkish authors. Besides Orhan Ural, artists like Sâlih Erimez, Akseki Örmeneli Abdülgaffar and Mehmed Kemâli have also graphically depicted him.

Ural's comics version failed to catch on and was quickly dropped. The paper however wanted to compete with the popularity of Cemal Nadir Güler's 'Amcabey' comic strip from the rival newspaper Akşam. So in the following year, Urhan was back with another strip which was still inspired by the same local celebrity, this time in a more comical way and under the title 'Pazarola Hasan Bey'in oğlu' ("The Son of Pazarola Hasan Bey", 1931). The more experienced artist Münif Fehim Özarman provided assistance on the artwork. 'Pasarola Hasan Bey' was then the mascot of Son Posta's humor page, which appeared in the Tuesday editions during the 1930s. Orhan Ural used the character once again in the 1940s, when he portrayed him as a politician in his section 'Pazarola Hasan Bey diyor ki' ("Pazarola Hasan Bey says so").

Other cartooning work
Besides Son Posta, Orhan Ural was also a regular contributor to the satirical magazine Akbaba for many years. He later switched to Sedat Simavi's humor magazine Karagöz, while also making folk paintings for the newspapers Köroğlu and Hemşehri. His cartoons also appeared in papers and magazines such as Nasrettin Hoca, Vakit, Haber, En Son Dakika, Tercüman, and Tasvir, and also in French and American newspapers. During the later years of his career he worked for the newspaper Yeni Sabah. In 1950 he made a comic strip for the paper based on 13th century wiseman Nasreddin Hodja, called 'Nasreddin Hoca'nın Resimli Fıkraları' ("The Illustrated Stories of Nasreddin Hodja"). In that same year he filled the section 'Haftanın Aynası' ("The Mirror of the Week") with his caricatures. Among his other serials for Yeni Sabah were 'Avukat' (1952) and 'Mişon'un Fıkraları' ("The Adventures of Mişon", 1953).

He passed away in Istanbul in 1978.

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