'Kötu Kedi Serafettin' (Lombak #2, 2004).

Bülent Üstün is a Turkish comic artist best known for his comic series 'Kötu Kedi Serafettin' ('Serafettin, the Bad Cat'). Üstün published his first cartoon at age 12 and was subsequently a cartoonist for Çarşaf for a while. He turned professional when he started working for the new magazine Hıbır. He was present in HBR Maymun with the monkey 'Tonguç' and with the cartoon section 'Kabız Kuğu'.

Serafettin, by Bülent Üstün

Drawing inspiration from his own cat, Üstün first presented his Serafettin character to the pages of L-Manyak in 1996. The character was present in Lombak magazine since 2001 and throughout the years, Üstün introduced a great many other characters, such as 'L-Manyak Kerizleri', 'Homo Sapiens Öyküleri' and 'Kuduz Doktor Hektor'.

Lombak cover, by Bulent Ustun
Cover for Lombak. 

Creations for other magazines include 'Memo Tembelçizer' for L-Manyak Şehitleri, 'Bahadır Boysal' in Taze Kaşar and 'Kenan Yarar' in Hilal. He left Lombak in 2006 to join Femuar and eventually Uykusuz, the magazine for which he created 'Gittin Gideli Bebek'. He is the younger brother of cartoonist Cengiz Üstün.

Serafettin, by Bülent Üstün

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