'Üzeyir' (Lombak #2, 2004). 

Born in Istanbul, Cengiz Üstün graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts from Mimar Sinan University. He published his first cartoons in magazines like Çarşaf and Horoz. He later contributed to Pişmiş Kelle, Avni and Dıgıl, where he started his popular satirical series 'Duka Film'. One of his best known creations is 'Kunteper Canavarı', a serial that appeared in both L-Manyak and Lombak. 

'Duka Film' (Lombak #2, 2004).

Lombak, Penguin and Kemik also ran his serials 'Üzeyir' and 'Macerayı Seven Adam' ('The Man Who Loves Adventure'). He is the older brother of cartoonist Bülent Üstün with whom he launched the new journal Fermuar in 2006. He continues to draw 'Üyezir', and his other creations include 'Kaptan Onedin' and 'Tribal Enfeksiyon'.

Macerayi Seven Adam, by Cengiz Üstün
'Macerayi Seven Adam'.

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