Medio Litro, by Ramon Valdiosera
Medio Litro: Caballero de la Mesa Cuadrada

Ramón Valdiosera was born in Ozuluama, Veracruz, and drew his first comic for Paquín in 1935 - 'El Diamante Negro de Fu Man Chu'. In 1936 he set up his own syndicate, Artistas Unidos and eventually assembled several artists, including Beiker, Cabezas, Mora, Suárez and Galindo. Valdiosera created characters like 'Oreja y Rabo' and 'Rélemago Kid' for Pepín, as well as 'Ladrón de Bagdad', 'Simbad el Marino' and 'Alex' for Chamaco Chico. After the War he left the comics field and became a fashion stylist for theatre and cinema. In recent years he returned to comics with the comic book 'Medio Litro: Caballero de la Mesa Cuadrada'.

Ladrón de Bagdad, by Ramon Valdiosera
Ladrón de Bagdad

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