Zoltán Varga is a Hungarian cartoonist, graphic artist and comic artist, who works under the pen name Zerge. He is mainly known for parody comics like 'Batmanus' (1990-1993) and 'Dállász' (1994-2000).

Early life and career
Varga was born in 1969 in Orosháza, the cultural and educational centre of Hungary's Békés region. In 1992 he got his degree in geography from the Juhász Gyula teacher school in Szeged.

By then he had already published his first comic strip, the 'Batman' parody 'Batmanus' (1990). It appeared in the newspapers Orosházi Napló, Dél-magyarország and Szuperinfó. Between 1992 and 1993 the comics later appeared in the magazines Kis Füles and Kincskereső, earning their creator two prizes (second in Békéscsabai comicspályázat, and first in the International Comics Festival Galaxy Prize).

Early work
Varga then went to work as a graphic artist for advertisements in Szeged (1992-1993) and then as a storyboard artist for the animation studios Kecskemét (1993-1994). All the while he continued to publish comics in national newspapers and magazines, including Kincskereső (1993), Füles (1993-1996), Új Borsszem Jankó (1994), Kretén (1994-2007) and Dörmögő Dömötör (1999-2007). For the puzzle magazine Füles, he made stories like 'A Tea jó dolog' ("Tea is a good thing", 1993), 'A végítélet szentje' (an adaptation of Karl May's 'The Evil Saint', 1995) and an adaptation of Emilio Salgari's 'Sandokan' (1996), all from scripts by Ferenc Kiss. Between 1995 and 1997 he illustrated a series of "Pixi Books" (children's books) with 'Garfield'. with permission by Jim Davis.

'Batmanus' (Bekes Megyei Hirlap, 16 March 1993).

From 1994 on, Varga was one of the regular contributors to Kretén, a Hungarian humor magazine influenced by Mad Magazine and Fluide Glacial. There, he was responsible for 'Dállász' (1994-2000), a parody of the popular American TV soap opera 'Dallas'. The series later expanded and also featured spoofs of other pop culture icons, like 'James Bond', Michael Jordan and 'The X-Files'. The early installments were written by Zsolt Fürcht Pál, Imre Fekete and Ferenc Podmaniczky, but Zerge has written most episodes himself. With Imre Fekete he subsequently made spoof features like 'Star Tok' (1999), 'Dragonbill' (2000-2001), 'Diplopia' (2004-2006), 'Jódban-rosszban' (2006) and 'Schwartzwalter Klinik' (2007).

Other work in the 2000s
In 2000 he drew posters for the Sulinet (SchoolNet) program, a portal for primary and secondary school students to acquire knowledge about Internet and computer management. In 2001-2002 he was a lay-out designer for the animated series based on Richard Curtis and Rowan Atkinson's 'Mr Bean' series. Since 2002 he has been working with Zsolt Herman Garisa on the renovation and recoloring of Pál Korcsmáros' classic adaptations of Jenő Rejtő (P. Howard) novels for the publisher Képes Kiadó, such as 'Az elátkozott part' ('The Cursed Beach') and 'A Három testőr Afrikában' ('The Three Musketeers in Africa'). In 2019 he published 'Semmi Áron', a comic strip about an unemployed tramp.

Updated version of Pál Korcsmáros and P. Howard's 'Piszkos Fred közbelép Fülig Jimmy őszinte sajnálatára'.

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