Illustrated Chips, by Olivier E. Veal

Oliver Veal was one of the first professional comic artists who worked for the Comic Cuts magazine in the 1890s. The magazine originally focused on the work of foreign artists, like Frederick Opper and Wilhelm Busch. Among the new selection of British artists that joined the magazine, was Veal. Along with fellow artists like Roland Hill, Frank Holland, Vandyke Brown and Jack Butler Yeats, Veal was a founder of the typical British comics style. When Comic Cut's publisher Alfred Harmsworth launched a subsequent magazine, Illustrated Chips (1891), Veal's work was also featured in this magazine. Oliver Veal also contributed to early British comic magazine The Coloured Comic (which wasn't colored at all!) which started in 1989. He created 'Aunt Tozer' (1902-1906) a comic which marked the debut of the sideways mouth in comics. 

Aunt tozer, by Oliver Veal 1903

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