Jeroen, by Jaap Vegter 1980

Jaap Vegter was a comic artist with a social critical style. Born Jacob Cornelis Vegter in Voorburg, he studied at the Art Academy of The Hague. His career took off in 1967, when he started drawing small comics for the magazine Sextant, the publication of the Dutch Society for Sexual Reform (NVSH). Later he got the opportunity to make some larger comics for the same magazine, such as the story 'Jeroen', which was published in book format in 1980. Some of these comics are also published in the album 'Niet Doen, Kleine Man'. Between 1974 and 1977 Vegter also drew for De Tijd. In 1977 he began his long tenure with Vrij Nederland, where he made a weekly strip in which he criticized the way of life in the modern world. On 17 September 1979 he received the Stripschapprijs. Jaap Veger died unexpectedly while attending the opening of an exhibition at the Pulchri Press Centre in January 2003.

In the Dutch city Almere a street was named after him, as part of the "Comics heroes" district.

Nog een stapje terug, graag!, by Jaap Vegter

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