José Carioca, by Fernando Ventura
'Zé Carioca', #2153 (2000).

Fernando Prieto Ventura was born and educated in São Paulo. He studied graphical design at the Faculty of Fine Arts. He worked for Orlando Paes Filho's NW Studio from 1999 to 2003. Through this studios he drew his first Disney comics for the publisher Abril. In cooperation with his studio colleagues, Ventura wrote and drew several 'Jose Carioca' stories for the Zé Carioca comic book. When Abril's Disney production ended in 2001, the studios started producing style guides for companies.

Ze Carioca by Fernando Ventura
'Zé Carioca' #2382 (2013).

Fernando Ventura appeared on the Disney Channel show Playhouse Disney as an instructor of drawing Disney characters. He is also an historian of Brazilian Disney comics and one of the coordinators of the online Inducks database. He continued to work in comics as a colorist and translator for Abril's Disney titles, as well as publications by Gemstone, Egmont and Boom! Studios. He has been writing and drawing new 'Zé Carioca' stories since 2012, when the local production of stories was revived.

Fairly Odd Parents by Fernando Ventura
Fairly Odd Parents - 'Um Amor de Babá' (Recreio #330), with Toni Caputo. 

Despite being known for Disney comics, Fernando Ventura worked in other franchises. He drew two stories of 'The Fairly OddParents' ('Os Padrinhos Mágicos' in Brazil), for the magazine Recreio of Editora Abril (2006). He also colored stories for the comic book 'A Turma do Arrepio' (2010), characters created by Cesar Sandoval and published by Editora As Américas. Ventura collaborated with Primaggio Mantovi in the trade paperback 'Almanaque Sacarrolha - 40 Anos' (2012) by Editorial Kalaco, dedicated to Mantovi's clown Sacarolha.

Panchito, by Fernando Ventura

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