Action Planet, by Carlos Villagrán
'Action Planet'. 

Carlos Villagrán was one of the founders of the Nippur IV studios, together with his brothers Ricardo and Enrique, and scriptwriter Robin Wood. He got his education in Brooklyn, New York and at the Joe Kubert School in New Jersey. In Argentina, he has cooperated with many periodicals and advertising agencies. The Nippur studios drew for Editorial Codex, Editorial Estrada and the publications of Julio Korn, among many others. Villagrán published in the Columba titles El Tony, Fantasía, D'Artagnan and Intervalo. His best known character is 'Argón el Justiciero'. He has also produced artwork for publications in Germany, Italy and Britain, and has done freelance jobs for DC, Marvel, Archie Comics, Four Winds, Epic and Semic Press. Later on, Carlos Villagrán focused on teaching.

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