Millenniumbug by Flos Vingerhoets
Millenniumbug (from: FEM De Week)

After graduating from high school in Nijmegen, the Netherlands, Flos Vingerhoets left for Brussels, Belgium, where she studied at École de Recherche Graphique. She majored in Visual Communications, specializing in illustrations and drawing comics. She then went on to study at Amsterdam University (UvA) in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, where she got her Propedeuse in Communications. She started her career as an illustrator soon after.

She's been drawing covers for magazines, illustrating children's books, and (school) books ever since. She's worked for different newspapers such as Algemeen Dagblad and Financiele Dagblad, and magazines like Elsevier, Allerhande and Cosmogirl. She also designs posters, packaging and promotional material.

Flos uses different techniques for her illustrations. She draws, paints, takes photographs, and makes collages. She has contributed to 'Verbeelde gedichten', the anthology of collected comic adaptation of J.J. Slauerhoff poems by the publishing house Atlas.

Slauerhoff adaptation by Flos Vingerhoets
Verbeelde gedichten

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