Big George, by Virgil Partch
'Big Daddy!'.

Virgil Franklin Partch, better known as 'VIP', was born in Alaska in 1916, and studied at the University of Arizona and the Chouinard Art Institute in California, where he got a job at the Disney Studios. After taking part in the Disney Studio strike in 1941, Partch was fired and started submitting his cartoons to various newspapers. When he sold his first one to Collier's in 1942, it marked the beginning of an illustrious career as one of America's most accomplished cartoonists. Virgil Partch created several theme books, such as 'Bottle Fatigue' (1950), 'Here We Go Again' (1951), 'The Wild, Wild Women' (1951), 'Man the Beast' (1953), 'The Dead Game Sportsman' (1954) and 'Hanging Way Over' (1955). In 1960, Partch created a cartoon panel feature called 'Big George'. In addition, VIP also drew the short-lived comic strip 'The Captain's Gig' in the late 1970's.

comic art by VIP

Partch's humor was absurd, on the daring side but never crude, and his art is characterized by the fact that in many of his drawings people are depicted with more than five fingers on each hand - Partch said this was compensation for his years at Disney, where hands had usually just three or four fingers. Partch died in 1984, in a car accident. Partch's work was a strong influence on the work of Tex AveryJohn KricfalusiRaymond MacherotMorrisPirana, Everett Peck and Peter de Wit.

Big George, by Vip
'Big George!'. 
VIP's tips for men
'VIP's Tips For Men'. 

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