Mazare by George Voinescu

After his studies in Architecture, and at the Bucharest Conservatory, George Vionescu started publishing his cartoons in the satirical press of the time. He had his first publications in Răţoiul, Bravo and Comedia, and he eventually became a regular contributor to Universul Literar. A compilation of his cartoons called 'Balamuc Palace Hotel' was published in 1939 and met with huge success.

By 1943 he was asked to replace the French 'Professeur Nimbus' daily comic strip by André Daix, when the war prevented newspaper Universal to receive new material. This marked the creation of Voinescu's wacky poet 'Mazăre', whose book collection in the following year was also a bestseller.

Voinescu's career was ruined with the arrival of the communist regime. The artist took refuge behind the scenes of the Bucharest Comedy Theatre, where he worked as a set designer until 1968. Tired of the Securitate persecutions, he sought political asylum in France. He became a French citizen in 1976 and worked in Paris as an illustrator for book publishers like Hachette and GP.

Mazare by George Voinescu

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