The Sundial, by Marquis Franz von Bayros

Marquis Franz von Bayros was born in Zagreb in 1866, as the son of a Spanish nobleman. He became an artist, standing out amongst his contemporaries for his enticing and delicate graphic style. He drew a series of erotic drawings, depicting worldly beauties in compromising positions. One of his erotic portfolios, 'Erzählungen vom Toilettentisch' ('Tales from the Dressing Table'), caused a courtcase and made Von Bayros famous. In 1911, the Munich police persecuted him because of his illustrations and forced him into exile from Germany. He drew about 2000 illustrations in all his life, for books such as Dante's 'Divina Commedia' and those by Hans Bartsch. Franz von Bayros belonged to the Decadent movement in art, and was married to Johan Strauss II's stepdaughter Alice. He died in Vienna on 3 April 1924, at the afe of 58.

Tales from the Dressing Table, by Marquis Franz von Bayros

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