Ernst, Bobbie en de rest, by Piet Voordes
Ernst, Bobbie & De Rest

Piet Voordes is a Frisian comic artist and illustrator, based in Dronrijp. Besides comics, he does illustration work for children's books and cd covers. A self-taught artist, Piet began his career drawing Disney comics for the Dutch Donald Duck weekly in 1995. He has done stories with the 'Duck' characters for Donald Duck weekly, as well as Katrien magazine. He has also drawn stories with 'Dumbo'.

Donald Duck, by Piet Voordes
Donald Duck story H97081 (Donald Duck 42, 2001)

Voordes is also the artist of the comic stories based on the television series 'Ernst, Bobbie en de Rest', and for the Jetix franchise 'Club van Sinterklaas' since 2007. In 2011 and 2012 he made a weekly comic about weather forecaster Piet Paulusma that ran in the weekly papers published by Wegener. He has worked on several of his projects with scriptwriter Frank Jonker, with whom he has also made the promotional children's book 'De Magische Schatkist' for Redband.

Piet Paulusma by Piet Voordes

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