IRS by Bernard Vrancken
I.R.$. #6

Bernard Vrancken showed an early talent for drawing. At age fifteen, he was one of the winners of a contest organized by the Academy of Fine Arts. At age 16, he published his first historical comic stories in Tintin magazine. While studying architecture at Institut Saint-Luc in Brussels, he was a pupil of Eddy Paape at the Saint-Gilles Academy. He began his longtime association with Stephen Desberg shortly afterwards.

H.Ell by Bernard Vrancken
H.Ell #1

Vrancken and Desberg made about a dozen short stories for À Suivre, before embarking upon the romantic saga 'Le Sang Noir' for Le Lombard between 1996 and 1998. They subsequently started their best-known work, the ongoing political-financial thriller 'I.R.$.' in Lombard's Troisième Vague collection in 1999. The duo added the heroic fantasy series 'H.Ell' to their resume in 2013.

IRS by Bernard Vrancken
I.R.$. #13

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