Big Bad Wolf, by Danny Wanner (1979)
'The Big Bad Wolf' by Danny Wanner, published in Donald Duck #38, 1979 (H 79034). © Disney.

Danny Wanner is a Dutch artist, with a relatively short stint in the comic industry. After assisting other artists, he was one of the local artists for the Dutch Donald Duck weekly in the second half of the 1970s.

Life and career
He was born in 1953 in Rotterdam as Danny Orson Wanner. According to Kees Kousemaker's comics encyclopedia 'Wordt Vervolgd. Stripleksikon der Lage Landen' (1979), Wanner assisted several comic artists during the 1970s before he began his own, very short, career in comics.

Disney comics
Between 1976 and 1979 he was one of the illustrators of the Dutch Disney magazine Donald Duck. His former classmate Wilbert Plijnaar was already working for the weekly since a couple of years. Wanner mostly made cover illustrations for both Donald Duck and the Mickey Mouse monthly, some based on lay-outs by art director Daan Jippes. He also drew three comic stories starring Disney's 'Big Bad Wolf'; one from his own script, the other two by Ruud Straatman.

Later life
Not much is known about Wanner's further whereabouts. He allegedly became a photographer. In 1993 his name appeared in the dummy issue of the free music magazine FRET Magazine, for which he made a comic strip called 'Arie Bombarie' in cooperation with Mischa Zuidmeer. It was apparently not continued in the magazine's regular run.

'Arie Bombarie', from FRET Magazine #0 (1993). Translation: "I'll have a little chat with the neighbour. Hah, neighbour! Isn't that cosy? And that was only the first one!". The comic makes a pun on the Dutch verb "kletsen", which can mean "to chat", but also "to slap somebody". 

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