Tuff the Pup (Playbox, 9 December 1939)

Arnold Warden was a British comic artist, who mostly worked for the nursery comics of the Amalgamated Press in the early 20th century. His name is sometimes erroneously written as "Arnold Walden". He is best remembered for his long running children's comics 'Snowdrop's Zoo' (1938-1955) and 'Tuffy and his Magic Tail' (1939-1955).

Arnold Henry F. Warden was born in 1892 in Prestwich, Lancashire. His aunt, Sarah Jane Heywood, was a teacher of painting, and perhaps had an influence on her nephew's career choice. Warden was trained as a designer in 1911. His whereabouts in the following decades are unknown, but the man was hired by the Amalgamated Press in the late 1930s. He became a prominent contributor to the publisher's nursery magazines.

Snowdrop's Zoo (Playbox, 9 December 1939)

Because of their style similarities, he often did fill-in work for Freddie Crompton, but he also created features of his own. These appeared mainly in Playbox, for which he drew both 'Snowdrop's Zoo' (1938-1955) and 'Tuffy and his Magic Tail' (a.k.a. 'Tuffy our Puppy' or 'Tuff the Pup', 1939-1955). Bert Wymer possibly also made some episodes of the latter, as some sources credit him for drawing 'Tuffy our Puppy' in 1941. Warden furthermore drew 'Sunshine Farm' (1940) in The Chicks' Own.

Arnold Warden retired in the second half of the 1950s, and passed away in Cheshire in 1963.

Tuffy and his Magic Tail (Playbox, 20 May 1950)

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